What is a Wi-Fi Cell Phone?



Avaya, Motorola, and Proxim will soon introduce a new Wi-Fi phone to the public. This phone can easily switch voice phone calls from a wireless LAN to a wide area cellular network. But the companies are planning to take advantage of the dual mode phone and install a new WLAN technology based on the standard 802.11a. A Standard 802.11a features a certified products of atheros communications AR5001AP Reference Design Access Point Model AR5BAP-00021A, Cisco Systems Aironet 1200 Series Access Point Model AIR-AP1220A, Cisco Systems Aironet 1200 Series Access Point Model AIR-AP1220A, Cisco Aironet 5-GHz WLAN Adapter Model AIR-CB20A, Intel Pro/Wireless 5000 LAN CardBus Adapter Model WCB 5000, Intermec Technologies MobileLAN Access Point Model 2106, Intersil Indigo Station Card Model ISL 37703C, and Proxim Orinoco 5-GHz Kit with AP-2000 Access Point.

The phone will not work with the more commonly deployed wireless networks that use the 802.11b standard. That standard has only three non-overlapping channels which can support between six and eight calls at a time, whereas the 802.11a standard has 21 non-overlapping channels and can support approximately 25 voice over IP calls at a time from one WLAN access point.

The three company's Avaya, Motorola and Proxim plan to offer the phone and its supporting network for sale around September 2004 and has resolved key technical challenges that are associated with it.

The talk time battery life between 10 to 12 hours and standby time is roughly 20 to 22 hours. The companies will not share with us how they got to achieve such a long battery life for a dual mode device, they just said that they have developed WLAN chip sets that offer improved battery life.

The technology developed by the partnership will provide end users with the mobile equivalent of a weird enterprise desktop phone working through a PBX and equipped to handle four incoming lines. The users will be able to juggle calls on their dual mode phone the same way as on a digital PBX phone. Which includes putting up to three calls on hold while talking to a fourth caller. With the PBX phone you can forward calls and conference in other parties. So far there are not details on how much is it going to cost and the exact date that is going to be launched.







Wi-Fi Cell Phone



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