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A Farion solution is centered on Flash that stands for Fast Low-latency Access with Seamless Handoff, and OFDM stands for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. Flash-OFDM is an innovative air interface technology is designed for the delivery of advanced Internet services in the mobile environment. This technology is based on the OFDM airlink that gives us wireless access method that combines two predecessors that are TDMA and CDMA. These are to address the unique demands posed by mobile users of broadband data and packetized voice applications.

The Flarion mission is to mobilize the personal computing experience for broadband data and voice, with a LAN like performance and enterprise class security in a cellular environment empowering operators to off DSL like prince points for mobile broadband communication services.

Flash-OFDM is focused to design an effort to produce a broadband mobile communications system that utilizes standard Internet protocols (IP). The middle of the system there is this highly efficient mobile implementation of OFDM with Flarion's Vector-LDPC codes which is an advanced and efficient forward error correction code scheme.

Flarion has created an end to end network for licensed operators through Flash-OFDM that includes the RadioRouter base station product, wireless modems, embedded chipsets and system software. The Flarion network IP will support both broadband data and packetized voice.

Flarion is developing, marketing and deploying its RadioRouter base station products as part of an end to end network solution. Flarion's wireless modem devices mobilize laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and other devices without making any modifications to user settings, applications, protocols, content or the devices themselves. The company is also working on the development of numerous Flash-OFDM enabled devices through the availability of chipsets and licenses which will serve as reference designs. Flarion is also working to develop the global market and standardize the Flash-OFDM air interface technology.

Flarion technology is redefining the way we communicate through the development and deployment of Flash-OFDM which is an airlink technology that enables “LAN like” broadband communications in a cellular environment.

The Flash-OFDM system enables a mobile operator to deploy an all IP nationwide system that profitably delivers true value to the subscriber/consumer like: broadband access, average user data rates of 1.5 Mbps, with latency network delay as low as 35ms; ubiquity of cellular, a vehicular mobility experience; mass market pricing, flat rate broadband at consumer price points; no changes to existing computing devices or applications.

The following value to the mobile operator includes: significant cost advantages over existing circuit switched technologies ROI at less than 2% market penetration; 40% profit margins that are based on market penetration and subscriber base; all IP and packet switched: no changes to protocol, settings, devices and content required; quality of service (QoS) for priority access, tiered pricing and revenue maximization; highest spectral efficiency of any mobile broadband system commercially available (FDD 1.25 Mhz needed for a nationwide network); enterprise class security; WAN wireless LAN interoperability like ubiquitous access with WiFi; seamless cell to cell handoff; wireless PC card pricing that allows for profit margins when sold at market bearing prices.

The Flarion strategy are build on these five key business objectives and they are:

1.Introduce the first packet switched, all IP mobile broadband systems

2.Deliver end to end systems to global operators with best in class parterns

3.Produce all sell RadioRouter base stations, modems and chipsets

4.Establish Flash-OFDM in the global standards bodies

5.License OEMs to produce and sell Flash-OFDM based products







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