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What are Blackberries?

Since November of 2003 BlackBerry has been a popular item amongst many people. Businessmen, actors, professional athletes, singers, and many people who travel are using the new BlackBerry. BlackBerry is a leading wireless connectivity solution that provides access to a wide range of applications on a variety of devices around the world. It combines handhelds, software and services to keep mobile professionals connected to the people, data and resources throughout their day.

BlackBerry is good when you are on the go. This new technology gives you an easy way to automatically delivers email and other data to your wireless handheld. This will allow you to be more in touch with your family and friends when you are traveling.

BlackBerry is available for enterprise and government organizations as well as individual mobile professionals.

BlackBerry is nicely integrates with your existing enterprise systems for secure, push based, wireless access to email and other corporate data for corporate and government. For individuals BlackBerry allows you to access multiple existing corporate and/or personal email accounts from a single BlackBerry handheld.

The key features and benefits the BlackBerry has are: single, integrated handheld for all your data and voice needs; access your existing email wirelessly; integrated phone SMS, browser and organizer applications; BlackBerry 'push' technology means you do not have to retrieve your emails or data, it will find it for you; view email attachments in popular document formats; easy to use BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds support voice services and make creating and retrieving information simple; choice of handhelds, networks and service providers; operate on fifty networks in over thirty countries; advanced security for enterprise and government organizations; wide range of third party solutions available to allow you to make the most out of BlackBerry, take advantage of industry-specific applications or look for a cross industry solution specific to your job.

The possibilities that will be available to you with the BlackBerry device are: send and receive messages while waiting to board your plane, place a phone call while reading you email messages in a hotel lobby, co-ordinate a meeting from the middle of a trade show, view information from a corporate database in the back seat of a taxi, stay connected while you are on the go.


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